We are The Chilluminati: Promoting Goa and Psychedelic Trance Music and Culture in the Midwest USA , North America and planetwide. Founded in 2004, we regularly host indoor and outdoor events (large and small) every year throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa and Missouri.

Some of our successful recurring events include Sacred Earth Open Air, Secret Fire, Karmaclysm, Geologic, Crystal Sky and Metatronic.

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This is what guides us:

Psychedelic trance, chill and ambient are the music that we play. Music in itself is a transformative and psychedelic agent. Our gatherings are more than music, however. They are multidimensional and multifaceted experiences–incorporating musical, visual, art and kinetic performances, as well as interactive workshops and community.

Our gatherings are about transformation and becoming. Whatever your sense of spirituality is, you bring that to the event. At our gatherings everyone takes responsibility for the event, others and themselves.

Our gatherings have an atmosphere and a vibe. The event is a field of energy that connects us. Our gatherings are about expressing yourself, being creative, and being an individual. Our gatherings are inclusive and open.

Our gatherings are both local and planetary; reflective of the American Midwest, yet global and culturally diverse.

We respect local laws and customs.

Our events are a gift which we all (organizers, artists, DJs, stagehands and attendees) give to each other. This is not about money, commercialization and exploitation. This is not a product; this is a community.


Recent Posts

Sacred Earth 2017 Artist Spotlight: Blue Spectral Monkey - Truly a connoisseur of psychedelic electronic music and art, Blue Spectral Monkey has been evolving, collecting and spinning incessantly since 1995, taking him across 23 states and Canada. BSM has played over 600 DJ sets spanning many genres and styles. From IDM to minimal techno, dub to funky chillout, glitch hop to drum & bass, psytrance to ambient, … Read More
Sacred Earth 2017 Artist Spotlight: Krikett - Krikett is a trance-dimensional spacebug known throughout the US for a beyond expectational deliverance of tasty sonical treats and shiney things. With the formula of stimulating track selection, seamless mixes, and profound live presence; she has traveled a multitude of coordinates and thousands of miles for events of every variety. Frequencies range from all styles psychedelic;… Read More
Sacred Earth 2017 Artist Spotlight: Lusid - Coming from an ancient, faraway dimension known to humans as St. Charles, MO, “Lusid” has arrived on our planet to bring a head-bobbing musical project that is simply out of this world. ​ The groovy psychedelia of Dean McDonnell’s auditory brainchild is overflowing with diverse instrumentation; this includes the interesting adoption of live guitar, funky… Read More
Sacred Earth 2017 Artist Spotlight: The Synthetic Dream Foundation / Ephemeral Mists - The Synthetic Dream Foundation is a music project formed in late 2006 by film music composer, Brett Branning. Brett is also the composer of the neo-classical music band, Abandoned Toys and the world fusion, ambient music project Ephemeral Mists. His unique fusion of psytrance, industrial and psybreaks has made him a long-time favorite among The… Read More
Sacred Earth 2017 Artist Spotlight: Primordial Ooze - Primordial Ooze, through countless mutations eventually developed opposable thumbs for twisting knobs and smashing buttons. Inspired by filtering experiences into sound by shaping waveforms and encouraging them to bubble and adapt to their sonic environment Primordial Ooze puts you in the center of the cosmic symphony. This sound surrounds you with frequencies immersing you into… Read More
Sacred Earth 2017 Artist Spotlight: Christopher Lawrence - INTRO Winner of “Best American DJ” at the IDMA’s, Christopher Lawrence is recognized as one of the world’s top DJs and producers. A dance music legend, he has been described as “One of America’s most influential DJs” by DJ Mag and “A trailblazer” by SPIN. With twenty years behind the decks, Christopher is one of… Read More
Sacred Earth 2017 Artist Spotlight: Hux Flux - The story of Hux Flux started back in 1998 when Dennis Tapper started making music after some life changing visits to the legendary kilsbergen trance parties outside Orebro, Sweden where he also lived at the time. After a few releases on his own, including the hit “Time slices”, Dennis started to work with Jonas Petterson… Read More
Sacred Earth Media Advisory May 15, 2017 - Sacred Earth Media Advisory May 15, 2017 We are saddened to announce that Logic Bomb will not be joining us at Sacred Earth this year. He has recently underwent a complex surgery and at the advice of his doctors, international travel is not recommended for him at this time. We wholeheartedly support this decision, as… Read More
Sacred Earth 2017 Promo Mix by DJ Triton (Z-Plane Records) - We are pleased to announce the Official Sacred Earth 2017 Promo Mix by DJ Triton from Mexico! DJ Triton is Z-Plane Records’ Mexico agent-in-place: Label DJ, head of promotion of spanish speaking part of the world and booking manager for Hux Flux and Logic Bomb in Mexico. Check it out via SoundCloud below or hear it on… Read More
Sacred Earth 2017 Contest - Contest time! Want another chance at winning free tickets or to Sacred Earth 2017 or some free Chilluminati gear and a copy of the new EP “Strange Things” from Huxflux? Here it is!   To enter all you have to do is visit the event page on our website (not the Facebook event page) and… Read More