IMPORTANT: This is a PRIVATE event, so please do not post information about it on public websites, forums,
or email lists. You may however forward to your individual friends, and invite guests, without restriction.… Read More

Saturday, January 7, 2006 @ Vision Nightclub
PureVision & Psymbolic present:
Connexionism–{a modulating motive force)))

Providing an elaborate night of extraordinary talent,
transitioning & evolving through
IDM / Dub / Breaks / PsyDM / Goa / Psytrance … Read More

The Chilluminati present
October 8, 2005
@ the beautiful Kalyx Center, near Urbana (central) Illinois
Playing old school Goa and psychedelic downtempo
Indoor and outdoor stages psychedelic sound, visuals, art and fire, all night long… Read More

The Chilluminati present
An Aestival Festival
July 15-17 2005
@ Shawnee Cave Amphitheatre, southern Illinois

An open air camping festival brought to life with consciousness, harmony and mind-expanding music & visuals…a celebration of summer spirit

Over forty Goa, Psychedelic trance and IDM acts and DJs, playing at Shawnee Saltpetre Cave, “Nature’s Own Amphitheatre” Illinois’ largest bluff shelter with strange rock formations, a roaring waterfall & nature trails.… Read More

A Tsunami Benefit 3XCD Promotional Event. TWO stages of DJs navigating a complete journey through chillbeats, minimal, psy-funk, melodic goa, intricate psytrance to morningside chillage.… Read More

The Chilluminati present
METATRONIC :: February 12, 2005 in Chicago. Music: 5 DJs navigating a Goa journey through loungy ethnotechno & chillbeats, upbeat ambient downtempo, psy / goa to morningside downtempo chillage.… Read More