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Earthdance 2010 .:. September 17th-19th .:. Black River Falls, WI

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    my phone also doubles as a camera and a flashlight 😛

    i bet you can even play your sets on it too  😉

    not yet available for android, as far as i know :/

    if i get a new controller for djing it will probably be this:

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    Set. Done. A bit more last minute than I originally planned, but it's definitely gonna be good.  Think SE '09 with less almost sketchy mixes (using the ol' laptop this time) and a couple originals.  🙂  It's in your best interest to be on the dancefloor at 9am Saturday.  That goes for all of you.

    Woohoo BRF here we come!  See everyone around 5 (which actually means 6 or 7 most likely)!  This is gonna be a good one…I can feel it!

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    Ready to stomp. see you there 🙂

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    good party!

    thanks for the schedule machi  ;D

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    wow, huge thanks to everyone for yet another successful Earthdance!

    Many big extra special thanks to the Chilluminati Crew for all of their hard work and dedication which made this event as stunning as it was. 

    My review coming soon.

    In the meantime, ow.


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    i had a great time! so many friends and good music and deco!!

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    🙂 for now all i gotta say is wow  😮

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    So had a really great time.  Got to meet some new people and hang out with some people more than I usually do.  Heidi, thanks for all the hugs; Kevin, thanks for being a dick like you always are; thanks to Toki for allowing Loke, me, and Caro play OUTSIDE at the end of the party (yay fun!); thank you Jesse for the Chai (it was awesome!); and thanks to everyone else who had a hand in making this event happen.  Random's set was UNBELIEVABLE.  It was straight up fullon psytrance at its best.  The deco was also out of this world.

    I know everyone is going to say it was awesome and it's almost blasphemy to complain about anything, but Ajja's set didn't blow my mind like I wanted it to and I think it might have been because it wasn't loud enough, or maybe it just was his sound?  I don't know…I just expected it to be better.  I mean, it was really good, but everybody's set that I heard was really good.  I wanted more out of that one.  Please don't get mad at me for saying this…just my opinion and my opinion is disappointed.  Just the warehouse (especially one where the doors are closed) and the sound issues are really getting old…

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    ^there was an ambulance outside at least that what i they turned the music down

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    WOW.  Amazing from start to finish.  Huge massive thanks to all involved.  I had no expectations going in but left completely satisfied. 

    @ Scatter,  Yeah, apparently there was an ambulance that was called due to someone falling and hitting their head.  It sucks that the sound could have been a little louder but these things happen.

    full review later…

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    Not loud enough? Go closer to the speakers rather than hating in the back of the dance floor  😉  ;D ;D ;D

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    I did move closer, but I like stand a little farther back too because there's more space (and I just like standing in back).  Just sayin, it always seems like you guys have to turn the sound down around the same time every party where this has happened (sometime around 2am Saturday night) so it seems like maybe that's a time to not have any of the headliners play…  Anyway, it's not like the whole party experience was ruined for me or anything, just doin my part and being one of the people that actually include negative things along with the positive.  It's not like I'm not grateful for being able to have these things at all.

    sigh… forget I said anything.

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    🙂 I didn't like it either, but its better than having to shut it off..

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    I know I know.  Just had to talk it out a little.  It bothered me a lot; I had been looking forward to a live Ajja set a long time so my expectations were too high anyway.  Better luck next time?  😉

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