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    So here is a copy of an update I just sent out to all the FaceCrack attendees. (note: some info is tongue in cheek humor while at the same time being very serious regarding attendee guidelines)


    We are pleased to welcome you to Karmaclysm 2010!! Are you ready to reap that which has been sown? I hope so 'cause we're gonna clysm your karma and gasm your chasm!

    This will be our second event at the Litwiller residence. Based on our experience with hosting Secret Fire V we will be handling a few things differently for Karmaclysm 2010. One of the major changes will be how the gate is handled. Following are important notices and info. PLEASE READ!

    Entry will be blocked off when the gate is closed. Do not attempt to enter the parking area while the gate is closed. There is a huge irrigation ditch between the road and the lawn the whole length of the property. If you attempt to cross the ditch to gain entry your vehicle WILL GET STUCK and we may laugh at you while you wait for a tow wench to pull you out. If you are unable to make it during gate hours and need special accommodation please contact Professor, Zero Six or SunRa. In the event of any stragglers who experience adverse conditions on the way and are late there will be phone numbers posted at the entryway. In and out is highly discouraged while the gate is closed. Please be prepared to stay at the venue during this time.

    ADMISSION is $10 per adult. Children 15 and under are free.
    You will be asked to provide your ID and sign a liability waiver. Your signature will also serve as proof of admission for those of you who may make a run to the store or some such during open gate hours.

    Every car will be provided with one trash bag. Please clean up after yourself and take it back out with you. The admission fee is set to cover firewood for the bonfire to keep us all toasty warm both nights as well as the extra electricity it takes to run the music and lighting. It does NOT include the time it takes to pick up trash nor extra garbage pick up from the trash company. There will be special marked bins for recyclables. Please use them!

    SINGLE OUTDOOR STAGE WITH INDOOR RESPITE AREA – Absolutely no smoking indoors! NONE!

    NO GLASS OUTDOORS! Seriously. Glass breaks. Our kids go barefoot out here. If you are bringing any beverages which ONLY come in glass, please feel free to come into the kitchen and mix your drinks in plastic cups provided by yourself! There will be a liquor cabinet available to stash your stuff in and a special receptacle for glass in the kitchen only. If you are caught with glass outdoors you will be shown to the kitchen, the plastic cups and liquor cabinet, where you will then be charged half of the contents of your glass bottle for providing you the service! Either that or it will simply be confiscated, depending on the mood and inclination of whomever catches you out of doors with glass. 😉

    Do not camp or wander around on the right side of the property. The driveway divides the left and the right. You may cross over into the parking area to get to your vehicle, but please stay away from the farm buildings and do not block the driveway to the buildings at any time.

    We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience! Come with your happy smiley faces and good manners. Please adhere to our guidelines and we will continue to provide space to revel in the psychedelic trance experience.


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    PLEASE TAKE NOTE – We will have a very special massage therapist attending the event. Her name is Jamel and if you were here last time, you may remember her magic hands. She has ten years of massage experience with the last two as a certified massage therapist. She will be situated near the house under the trees and will be offering her services for $1 per minute or $25 for half an hour on a massage table or in a massage chair. She may be open to other bartering in trade for her services, you never know so just go talk to her! Massage work is demanding and tiring. Her fee is worth it. So bring extra cash and get a good rubdown or knot dispersal so you can get your stomp on!

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    Have fun everybody!

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    Yeah, seriously! Much love to all of you.  :-*

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    totally, wish you all wonderful time. it's the total bummer i can't make it this time either but i will move mountains to be on the very next one you guys will be organizing.

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    wow!!! Great times everyone! 

    Huge thanks to The Professor and SunRa for their infinite accommodations!  Your place is an absolute dream~~~ thanks for hosting with us again.

    Big ups to everyone else who came and participated for being respectful to the property.  It's because of this that we're motivated to do it again and again!

    It was great to spend time with each one of you, even though I was hit and miss most of the weekend!

    Looking forward to Earthdance!


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    had an absolute BLAST!!!! the whole party had an awesome vibe the entire weekend. couldnt be better!!! and i spun fire for the first time!!! was truly memorably  ;D

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    It was great to spend time with each one of you, even though I was hit and miss most of the weekend!

    Oh yeah.. We didn't want to tell you at the time but you were the stinky.

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    Just getting done with crazy work schedule.  Full review coming soon.  Thanks everyone for all the support!

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    so much fun! thanks so much to Saundra and Brad for having everyone on their land. great music, great art, great people, great times! I felt lucky to be there, and huge thanks to Tyler for bringing Jess and I to the event.

    Memories 🙂

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    thanks for having a nice party.

    it took longer than i wanted to, but i finally posted my set:

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    ^^ This.

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