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    This is from Lucid Faerie, please help out with this additional workshop. Lucid from this point on put the details on the Forum because tribe messages too easy for me to lose…

    Ok so for the plaster casts:
    We went to Pearl and picked up plaster infused Gauze..this is best and easiest way to do it, instead of just picking up a whole bunch of plaster and having to mix it, etc.

    So they sell bags of plaster infused gazue for about $5 a bag. You can make 2 masks out of a bag, or one chest cast like the one I have.

    So how many bags? I guess you can decide.
    Also need: Big bowls to dip the pieces of gauze we will cut..(it comes in a one roll)

    and a big tub of vaseline..for faces we just used saran wrap which worked great and was less messy, but for body Id use vaseline..if you don't all your peach fuzz gets pulled off and it kinda stings/hurts…

    bags of plaster gauze (found at Pearl)
    Tub of Vaseline
    Saran Wrap
    Big bowls for water to dip gauze

    I can handle this at CS, and maybe when people see how easy is to make, then can help out casting everyone else who wants to partake. I can do women (If they want their chests done..some might not be comfy with a guy)..

    Cool..,.im gonna be bizzy at this event!!

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    From JeffZ:
    Yes K asked me to confirm she is doing this, this is how what I came up with for the website reads:

    Plaster Casting with Lucid and Darklight

    Lucid and Darklight will be plaster casting your face and other assorted body images as you like. Well, mostly face or chest casts for women. Do the cast one day, paint it the next.

    Donations are appreciated to help us pay for the plaster, which ain't cheap.

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    My Reply: Yes lets make it for Friday nght since it does take a long time to
    dry..and i will be busy with the collage on Saturday…
    Please ask for extra paints!! We'll bring ours, but we need more!!

    Thanks guys!

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    hehe…this is gonna be one perverted party!  ;D

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    we realized our local hobby lobby does not have things like plaster infused gauze.

    Would you have the money to buy some more and we could reimburse you later? we could paypal you if you can do that. We just don't have a good art store where we live.

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    The Pearl Art store which does have plaster infused gauze is located at:
    225 W Chicago Ave
    Chicago, IL 60610
    (312) 915-0200

    Since you work downtown, would you be able to pick it up during the day? I am busy after work the next few days.

    If you can't do it, can someone else on the forum possibly pick some bags up? They cost about $5 each bag.
    I have no idea how many we should pick up. Any ideas?  2 masks per bag or 1 chest cast per bag.

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    Ok, I think I will just run this errand during work today.

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    What time do they close?

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    7 p.m.

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    I won't be able to make it then. Sorry.

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    ill go during work..ill just say I have to run an errand..but I need Jeff to get back to me!! he seems to be out of contact.

    thanks for offering damon..that was real sweet…aweee

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    I'm back in Chicago after 7pm every day …

    PS.  :-*

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    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to let you know that we'll only have enough materials to make about 10 plaster masks, so if you want to make one, make sure you look for me! Should be getting there around late afternoon on Friday.

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