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    i really hate posting these things. like im in my basement trying to capture what i do live with video.  I find it very hard due to not having  audience feedback.  i do MUCH better live, well this is kinda live. I just set up my camcorder and shot my screen down in my basement. But i REALLY want to start performing again and not having anything that people can look at isnt going to help this……So for what its worth, here is some of my work.

    so really i need some feedback.  if its great let me know. if it sucks let me know. please tho if your going to comment, at least watch it all the way thru

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    Maybe a little overkill on the eyecandy.

    far to blatantly drug oriented. Needs a little more artistic vision. But im picky.

    but thats all clip choice stuff. Not to bad mixing a little bit rough on transitioning later on but that comes with time.

    All n all not bad techically, just not much in content. Id say use brighter and more contrasting colors, and use a wider variety of color schemes and clips. It might do you some good to go read up on some film/movie visual design techniques.  Hit me up if you want any of my advice.

    I think its good to remember that video work is a visual extension of the music. It has to flow and take shape in much the same pattern.

    What do you use for software/hardware if you dont mind my asking?

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    I liked the beginning where it was a lot of scene changing with the drug stuff, sure emphasized a lot of chaos. I also liked where the transitioning was more gradual in the kaleidoscope to eye parts. It didn't seem like those 2 themes went as well together since the first was a lot of rapid transitions and the second was more gradual. Separately they were really good though. Keep it up!

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    I'm all about eyeballs so of course I dug it.  I thought it told a complete story about how drugs(even caffeine) effect brain chemistry, changes the pupil, the trip it takes you on and then back again.  Liked how you tied the human eye back in after the kaleidoscope and then back.  Fun! 

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    I was really impressed by the way you drifted in and out of the dilating pupil, and the way you worked with that image. I also agree with some of Seku's feedback, though – especially that you went a bit heavy on the eyecandy. I would have liked to see a little more substance (no pun intended).

    Thanks for the watch, and much lovin' to you Ben. 🙂

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    Do like one of the other videos on your youtube, with alice in wonderland. The focus seems to be alot less on the eyecandy which i like  :).

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    Yeah, I thought that was really nice, clever use of the Cheshire Cat.

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    hey thanks for the great feedback guys!

    yeah it was supposed to be about addictions and i kinda lost there in the end. 

    Im using resolume for the mixing, premiere and after effects for clip rendering/creation and a few of those “eye-candy” clips i made with the program “whorld”

    yeah i try not to use to much “winamp” style visuals and stick more with actual video but ometimes i get caught in the moment….plus i find it more difficult to relax when i know im recording myself lol

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    Im using resolume for the mixing, premiere and after effects for clip rendering/creation and a few of those “eye-candy” clips i made with the program “whorld”

    DUUUUUUDDDDDDDEEEE thats wierd…I got the same setup cept ive got a video capture card and a dvd player to…and flash and a 3d animation program…lol

    but anyway yeah youre are going the right direction in terms of mixing just have to master the ever tricky art of clip selection.

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    Ok. I consider this to be a pretty true representation of my Live mixing.  These are clips of my last VJ set in okinawa Japan.  this was a 7 hour set so be patient with the slow transition of clips/effects. Also it was between the hours of about 2:30 am – 3:30 am.  Now i know the colors are a bit dark and this is primarily due to the fact of what i was forced to project on…..basically the underneath of a huge inflatable tent and the screen was almost 30ft across so i had to keep the brightness down not to disturb the ambience of the party by light up the entire dance floor.  Anyway please give me your opinions

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    Not a bad segment…it bears the feeling of…Epic.

    You know if you really want better recording quality pickup a DVR.

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    yeah i think im actually going to make a demo out of the footage at this last event for DVD.  The camera i have actually takes very good video, but after all the compression for youtube it really lacks.  What would you suggest for compresion to youtube?

    Anywho, yeah my PC is currently in the PC repair shop due to some serious conflicts between the hardware/software right now……it was very hard and humbling to do that beive me since i built the thing from the ground up about 15 times in the last cpl years……serious BIOS issues and i just got tired of messin…..

    im going thru some serious withdrawl on creating….
    i REALLY wish there was someone in my local area i could meet up with on a regular and “talk shop”
    I also wish i could get myself a V-4  so i could start promoting myself to the local clubs…not psy but hey, work is work right?

    anyway, got some links to some to share?

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    I usually use mjpeg for youtube for shorter clips…never tried anything long.

    sorenson spark would work well to.

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