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The United Nations, One World Religion, & One World Government

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    “Maitreya and his group of spiritual co-workers have designed a plan that is brilliant in its simplicity and insight. They visualize a world organization, administered by the United Nations, which will completely restructure our economic systems. Instead of the present system of domination by market forces which has led to the complete polarization of wealth, we will see an equitable distribution of planetary resources. Instead of a world in which the richest societies blindly ignore the total degradation of countless millions, we will see the greatest solicitude for human suffering.”

    Share-International ( is a religious organization that has strong ties to the United Nations. The 'spiritual masters' at Share-International claim that there is a spiritual leader, equivalent to Jesus Christ, but new-aged, walking amongst us right now. He is here to unite the world under one world religion and one world government, with the United Nations, the spiritual masters, (and the Rockefellers and Rothschilds) on top, to spread the wealth of the world more equally (except for those people calling the shots, of course).

    Scary.   😉

    if we pay close attention to our politicians and politics, and if we make sure to let them know that we are going to hold them accountable, we can make the world a better place, and prevent any one world religion and one world government from seizing control of our lives.

    think critically, and pay attention!



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    waiting for some replies from those Atheists… 😉

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    Don't go to church.  Give up x-mas and it's insane mass consumerism.  Everyone of your dollah billz is a vote.  Don't buy their shit.

    Pauldo for President 2012  ;D

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    I am for Globalism, that way everyone will be equal and can share resources with troubled parts of the world. But I am an optimist too so save the “If” arguments.

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    Kill everyone who's not a white, blond haired blue eyed, protestant male, then the world will be perfect!

    The time when this gets into full swing will be the same time when the human race begins to die off this planet completely.

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    globalism occurring naturally, with all countries collaborating = great

    globalism pushed along by greedy bankers and religious nuts = doom

    wake up folks, if anyone has even taken the time to read the article i linked in the first post, you will realize that the Globalism that some of the most powerful people in the world are pushing for is NOT the Utopian globalism you are thinking of where everyone will be equal. it is unequal Globalism, with the elite on top, and everyone else below them. that is NOT equality.

    globalism is inevitable it seems, as all nations and races are mixing and collaborating like never before, but we do not need to be forced into an aristocratic, religiously disillusioned, bankers' version of globalism!

    i simply do not understand how people like Jeff can simply read something like this and then say “I support Globalism!” without ever actually stopping to think about how the globalism is being achieved, or who are the people planning it.

    this is not about natural, equal 'globalism', this is about forced and hurried globalism, orchestrated by some very corrupt and greedy people. please wake up, for the world needs your help.

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    we have always been at war with oceania

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    I fail to see how anyone can think that there will be one religion or one anything that big on this planet. People already die for religious reasons over a piece of land. Imagine what will happen if someone tries to pressure them to join a world religion. For these reasons, I don't care about this :).

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    we have always been at war with oceania

    and Goldstein is our enemy!

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    has anyone even checked out do you see how Benjamin Creme, the lead 'spiritual master' of the organization, who claims to be in channeled communication with Matreiya, the coming Savior, is lecturing to THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of people around the world, telling them that this Savior is among us?

    I find it rather alarming…

    people's minds are being manipulated while we are in this weakened state of 'economic crisis'…

    i wonder why? does anyone here care?

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    i wonder why? does anyone here care?

    Because people are stupid.  I care.

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    i wonder why? does anyone here care?

    Because people are stupid.  I care.

    thanks for caring Pauldo!

    when i said “i wonder why?” i was not wondering why the thousands of people are susceptible to the manipulation, i was wondering why certain people are DOING the manipulating… it makes me wonder what their motives are. you would think One World Government wouldn't require religious delusion… just policies and legislation… right? but who knows…

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    well, it is really hard to have a discussion if the other side thinks you are stupid if you have an opposing view. I tend to stay out of those with, “I believe what I believe, you are welcome to yours”. But basically I take a longer view. Sure, there will be strife and pain to begin with but I believe that eventually we will work it out , say in a couple centuries, and move to something utopian.

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    no one said anyone is stupid here…

    unless i missed something?

    also, it can be hard to fully understand where someone is coming from unless they elaborate on their opinion to make it more relevant to the topic being discussed…

    your opinion is valued Jeff, so thanks for discussing.

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    Obviously no one is going to solve the world's problems here on this little forum, but it's awesome to read everyone's viewpoints and to glean truths from people's personal perceptions.

    Then why the debate on who's right or wrong? Everyone has beauty and truth to share. We all have our stories and they are meaningful. If we keep an open mind we can learn from people whom we feel we're ideologically opposed to. There really is no opposition anyways. Our culture and media have artificially created this tendency. Dualistic thinking may have been a step on our evolutionary path, but we can get over it.  I believe in unity when you get down to it. One people, one love, one planet, one infinite universe! Perhaps not a corrupt world government, but a planet of villages all connected through love and understanding. I guess I'm an optimist.

    We have diverse backgrounds, philosophies, and notions of self. It's fascinating! I find the people here to be creative vibrant beings with so much to give and share with our community. And what a beautiful awesome community we have!

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