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  • Look forward to decompressing at Earthdance!! Going to need it! <3

    Really happy that I decided to go last minute!! Had a nice time. So grateful that there was chill music in the umm chill stage!!! Is more my speed nowadays, Kilowatts is amazing! Got to enjoy the whole 3 hour journey that seemed to only last 10 minutes. I DID get some time with some psy though. Did live mosaicing for the first time in front of people I didn't know, usually it is a solitary pursuit for me and really enjoyed collaborating with the djs & crowd vibe to do that – will do again! BSM & Leohawk & Witchdokta were my highlights in the psy stage. Other than Kilowatts really liked Leo/Kevin's set – keep doing it! Anyhoo, will be my last event (seriously !) until after burning man and was worth it!
    Xo ~jeffz

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    yes, used to play a lot, been a bit since I have played though! . Can never play chess after playing go, too boring πŸ˜€

    Thanks all so much! I super appreciate all the help making sure the space was taken care of and we worked together as a community to pull off an amazing conscious event where everyone helped to make it beautiful. The bar said it had the second best night ever so appreciate you all throwing down there too, part of the price of every drink goes back to supporting our non-profit and arts activities so you were drinking for a cause!Β  the director and cop on duty commented on how it was a great crowd too, so that is good!

    The venue looked amazing and loved seeing my Des Moines art tribe and my psy tribe come together. I really liked the tribal session that was a great way to bring in the new year and set a good tone.Β  Great sets all around but Dragon got me moving!

    Only thing I would like to see if more chill music, I guess I am purist in that sense πŸ˜€ Maybe go to chill after 3? just a suggestion, its your party!

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    now here's an interesting read for y'allΒ  ;D

    This should be essential reading for all high school seniors. πŸ˜‰

    Yeah, think I read the whole trilogy at least 6 times then πŸ˜‰

    I am helping do our NYE fundraiser / rager 2 days before this event at the space. One of the things I am making is a black light living mural (with the help of many many artists :D) so I will make sure that room is still open to chill out in and so awesome that my psytrance friends will get to see it!

    Now to go try and catherd artists to get that done lol.

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    sweet. looks like there is psy party a couple days away in the same space. Going to see if we can get a lounge room too.

    How about an opposite party where you play dark during the day and morning at night?

    It's completely ridiculous, lol

    No, I went to a night like that at BM and wanted to slit my wrists. Super slow progressive starting at 11 pm and when I kept coming back to check on it was still going on throughout the night until at least 4 am.Β 

    I really tried to get into it but just grated on my nerves lol.Β  I think it is perfect for the morning AFTER a night of madness but to get my trance state on I need something a little more aggressive.

    the “wake up” stuff implies that people are stupid if they don't agree with you.

    Anyhoo, I have thought about this long and hard but feel that my last sentence sums it up for me. I don't feel a need to convince anyone that I am right or wrong. It is right for meΒ  and my reasons are above. If it is not right for you then that is okay too.

    I have a weird view on things that are probably best kept to myself. I think that life begins with darkness and only through coming through darkness will we become light so to speak. One of my favorite sayings is, “Although I admire the light for it's brilliant beauty, I shall live in the darkness for it shows me the stars”. Look how conscious people and active they have become after the Bush years as an example. I think we are better off to have confronted things to see how we really feel and , personally, I think that eventually globalism will show itself as a great benefit to humankind and hasten our ascension as the human race and become known as the planet where Earthlings are from in the greater cosmic community.

    We really should bring Dylan out, even better the whole Fractal Cowboys.Β  I would KILL to hear Amanda from Mistress of Evil again but not sure if the Midwest could handle the darkness she evokes πŸ˜€

    I have literally fallen on the floor laughing during Dylan's sets though. Nothing like going from pure insane madness to laughter in the span of a nanosecond.

    Think it is high time to bring Clandestine out from KC again too πŸ˜€

    A lot of people like Ghreg on Earth. However, there were only about 4 people on the dancefloor when he did his live set at ED 08 :)…

    this is a paradox: if a lot of people liked Ghreg on Earth how come there were only about 4 people on the dancefloor whe he did his live set? Β ::)

    Wow, I was going insane to his set there, maybe I didn't notice that there was no one else on the dancefloor πŸ™

    DMSC is doing a big bash NYE too that I am arranging stuff for, will post in non-psy (although may have 1 psy person play) but if you want to make it an extended event then can come a day early πŸ˜€

    We are doing a giant collaborative black light mural in one of the rooms too for it that should be still there for the party too πŸ˜€

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    sweet, thanks!! I been looking for more good podcasts.Β  Do you listen to Spirtscast? Altered States Paranormal is another along this vein I listen to as well as Pagan Chaos Magick πŸ˜€

    well, it is really hard to have a discussion if the other side thinks you are stupid if you have an opposing view. I tend to stay out of those with, “I believe what I believe, you are welcome to yours”. But basically I take a longer view. Sure, there will be strife and pain to begin with but I believe that eventually we will work it out , say in a couple centuries, and move to something utopian.

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    Anyone that would impose their will on a woman's right to choose (without being a part of the problem) has some serious issues. This is one of those things I am inflexible and is a core belief. Right up there with equal rights for all regardless of gender, race, lifesyle, class, etc etc.

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